Marques de Mérito

Sherry 1930 Marques de Mérito

Mérito, Cortado, Sotheby Parke Barnett & Co

Provenance: Hosman Vins, 7/1/1999

Sherry 1930 Marques de Mérito (2883)
$ 1,699.00

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Some details:

Size 75 cl
Vintage 1930
Alcohol 20.0 %
Classification Palo Cortado


Well before the Roman conquest some 2,200 years ago, the area around Cadiz, Spain already boasted a flourishing grape-growing and winemaking tradition. Canaanites, who founded the city around 900 b.c., brought vines and the winemaking trade with them. Greeks added to this knowledge and during Rome’s rule from about 200 b.c. to 100 a.d., Cadiz’s wine industry transformed from a local industry to a phenomenon throughout the known world. Vintages from the area around southern Spain soon were being shipped throughout the Empire. The drink that would become the sherry we know today was a favorite among the Roman elite.

Marques de Mérito

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Díez Hermanos

Old Liquors, Marques de Mérito, founders

In 1876 brothers Díez y Perez de Muñoz started a wine business in Jerez. A few years later another brother, Francisco joined them and ‘Díez Hermanos’ was born.

Cote of Arms

Old Liquors, Marques de Mérito, Cote of Arms

At that time, His Majesty King Alfonso XII appointed the company a Royal Warrant as suppliers and by doing so they could use de Spanish Royal coat of Arms in their wine labels and stationery.

Bodegas Marqués de Mérito

Old Liquors, Marques de Mérito, barrel

The wine cellar in the Denomination of Origin Jerez is something unique. Nowhere else in the world breeding this singular wine with its system of criaderas and soleras

The Espinosas

Old Liquors, Marques de Mérito, building

The heirs of the founding partners acquire Bodegas ‘Marques del Mérito’ and in 1979 they will merge them, conforming the ‘DÍEZ-MÉRITO’ group. In 1981, the Bodega is absorbed by the Rumasa Group. In 1985 Marcos Eguizabal acquires the Bodegas and merge them into the Rioja based wine group ‘Federico Paternina’.


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