Survi Rhum

Rum Survi Millésime 1941

We can trace the beginnings of the brand until the 40s. This particular bottle of Survi Millésime 1941 is announced on the label as "aged and bottled at the colony"

Provenance: Tajan, 9/30/2014

Rum Survi Millésime 1941 (2969)
It was at the Roches Carrées distillery, on the heights of Lamentin, that the Survi brand was born. It takes its name from the illustrious family who was at the time owner: the family Survilliers.
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Size 72 cl
Vintage 1941
Alcohol 45.0 %
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Fill level Low shoulder
Packaging No casing
Region Martinique


For a spirit made from sugar, rhum has been a favorite concoction of the “old salts” of the world’s navies and merchant fleets for hundreds of years. By happy coincidence for British sailors, England captured Jamaica in 1655, just about the time rhum was first being distilled in the Caribbean. Captains began allotting their shipmates rations of rhum and lime juice. The juice warded off scurvy and the alcohol killed the bacteria that often made the ships’ water supply questionable.

Survi Rhum

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