Bally J.

Rum 1929 Bally J.

Vieux, Plantation Lajus du Carbet, Martinique

Provenance: Cannes Besch, 12/28/2012

Rum 1929 Bally J. (2782)
$ 5,344.64
Vintage 1929
Alcohol 45.0 %
Button No button
Fill level Low shoulder
Maturation Vieux
Packaging No casing
Region Martinique
Shape Square bottle
Size 70 cl


For a spirit made from sugar, rhum has been a favorite concoction of the “old salts” of the world’s navies and merchant fleets for hundreds of years. By happy coincidence for British sailors, England captured Jamaica in 1655, just about the time rhum was first being distilled in the Caribbean. Captains began allotting their shipmates rations of rhum and lime juice. The juice warded off scurvy and the alcohol killed the bacteria that often made the ships’ water supply questionable.

Bally J.

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