Rhum 1895 Plantation Madinina

Mythical survivor of the Eruption of Mount Pelee in Saint Pierre Martinique. Imported in barrels in 1902, bottled between 1904 and 1906 in Bercy by the Fanton & Fils.

Provenance: Artcurial, 6/10/2016

At the end of April 1902 François-Marius FANTON makes a last load of rums on his boat: a certain Madinina rum, pure vesou aged 7 years in oak barrels. This is the end of April and in a few days, on the 8th of May precisely, the Pelee volcano will explode, asphyxiating the city of Saint-Pierre and its 30 000 inhabitants ...
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Some details:

Size 1 ltr
Vintage 1895
Alcohol 40.0 %
Bottled 1905
Fill level High shoulder
Packaging Original wooden case


For a spirit made from sugar, rhum has been a favorite concoction of the “old salts” of the world’s navies and merchant fleets for hundreds of years. By happy coincidence for British sailors, England captured Jamaica in 1655, just about the time rhum was first being distilled in the Caribbean. Captains began allotting their shipmates rations of rhum and lime juice. The juice warded off scurvy and the alcohol killed the bacteria that often made the ships’ water supply questionable.


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