By the end of 2019, Old Liquors opens the world’s first ever OLD LIQUORS rare spirits and wine Pop Up Experience cellar in the United States.

Posted on February 15, 2019 at 2:45pm by Bart Laming Old Liquors Staff

It will be launched with a private and exclusive preview with selected guests at a soon to be announced location in South Florida.

The stylish spaces are designed after the original OLD LIQUORS cellar in the Netherlands cover 1800 square feet and invite clients to experience, feel and sample the rarest spirits and wines.

The Pop Up Cellar is a giant cube designed to be placed in empty retail or industrial space. The system is a self-contained Old World Rustic cellar that houses 5000 bottles and French Belle Epoque tasting room.

This is an exciting new departure for the world-renowned purveyor of rare vintage spirits and wines. With it, OLD LIQUORS reaches far beyond the sector of wines and spirits and asserts its credentials as an authentic luxury brand in its own right.

There are a few seats reserved for visitors to our website. Contact if you wish to attend.