Private Tasting at your home

Take your dinner party to the next level. Under the guidance of a professional Old Liquors ambassador, you will enjoy 5 ultra-rare vintage cognacs.

An Old Liquors Ambassador will come to your home and guide you and your guests through the nuances of incredibly rare spirits. The Brand Ambassador will mix ‘The Summit’, a cognac cocktail to start of the evening and bring 5 ultra-rare cognacs for you to enjoy along with the required glassware.

You and your distinguished guests will be tasting

The Summit cognac cocktail for guest to enjoy during the event introduction.
5 rare exceptional vintage cognacs including:

o Ultra-Premium Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac from the 1990s
o Croizet Swinging sixties cognac, vintage 1963, aged over 50 years
o 1914 Restaurant Maxim’s Paris WWI Ladies vintage cognac, aged over 50 years
o Phillip de Castaigne Belle Époque era Folle Blanche vintage cognac 1893
o Pre-Phylloxera era Napoleon vintage cognac 1811

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