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From modest beginnings in 1895, the Old Liquors Brand today stands for the world’s most extensive and exclusive collection of 18th and 19th century Cognac, Armagnac, Madeira, Port, Whisky and other rare collectible spirits. What started out as a passion, developed into a business in 2012. Old Liquors procures its stock from major auction houses, amassing thousands of bottles per year in bulk lots. Old Liquors is selling its collection online, through private and retail channels.      


Old Liquors at a glance

  • 8 Companies
  • 3 Continents
  • 3 Offices: Breda, Netherlands, Miami, Florida, Hong Kong, SAR China.
  • 11 People
  • Stock Quantity +/- 10,000 bottles
  • Stock Value +/- USD $25,000,000

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Office Locations

Old  Liquors Inc. USA                  
9300 S Dadeland Blvd Suite 600   
Miami, FL 33156
Phone +1 954 607 7386
Old Liquors Trading B.V. Europe  (Head Office)   
Werftseweg 3 4823ZG Breda
Phone +31 76 5416227
Old Liquors Asia Ltd
Laford Centre, Unit 305-7, 3/F 838 Lai Chi Kok Rd
Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong
Phone +852 8191 1019


Bay van der Bunt

Old Liquors began in 2012 and originated indirectly from the private collecting activities of very rare, old and exclusive spirits and wines of the Dutch collector Mr. Bay van der Bunt. The stock of almost 10,000 bottles is being brought into the market by Old Liquors Asia Ltd. and Old Liquors Inc. Mr. Bay van der Bunt has been involved with both companies and is also a highly sought international advisor of rare and old spirits.

Evert van der Bunt

Managing director Evert van der Bunt (brother of Bay van der Bunt) starts the setup of the warehouse in Miami, Florida, and will manage the USA branch on a daily basis.

Bart Laming

Bart is managing director of Old Liquors Asia. Bart Laming has extensive experience in the field of company management and has been an independent entrepreneur since 2006, and in that capacity acts as an independent consultant and director to the group of Old Liquors companies.



Old Liquors is committed to fighting fraud. We train our staff to be vigilant when dealing with unusual transactions. We ensure that we take every appropriate step to know our clients and business partners. We are diligent with regard to client transactions, wine & spirits acquisitions and transactions, constantly monitoring the market and market players.

Three-tier system for alcohol distribution in the USA

The U.S. Alcoholic beverage industry is very complex and highly regulated, and the laws currently in place find their roots in the time of prohibition and its repeal. Old Liquors is committed to complying with all the rules coming from this regulatory system.

Tax Principles

Old Liquors is a global business, operating in Europe, Asia and the USA, a private sales channel and a digital platform. Old Liquors is required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Old Liquors conducts its tax affairs responsibly in every jurisdiction in which it operates. Old Liquors ensures that key tax risks are identified, monitored and minimized by proactively improving its tax controls, processes and procedures. Wherever possible, processes are automated, using relevant technology to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Investor Relations

Out of eight companies, there are seven different entities in the market, using the trade name “Old Liquors”

  1. Old Liquors Invest I B.V.,  - Secured Debt Vehicle
  2. Old Liquors Invest II B.V.  - Secured Debt Vehicle
  3. Old Liquors Trading B.V.  - Shared Services Company
  4. Old Liquors Magazine B.V. - Publishing Company
  5. Old Liquors Invest III B.V. - Secured Debt Vehicle
  6. Old Liquors Inc. - USA importer/ Wholesale Company
  7. Old Liquors Asia Ltd.- Asia Import/Wholesale
  8. Rare Spirits B.V. - Export Company

Fixed Income Formation

Funding strategy

Old Liquors is a frequent issuer in the debt capital markets, as part of the regular funding operations for acquisitions. In order to achieve a well-diversified funding base, and stay within the limits of jurisdictions these issues take place in dedicated financial companies offering secured debt against different fixed interest rate and maturation time.

Market Outlook

A shortage of Cognac must be taken seriously into account in the USA and China spirits market. In this respect, reference is made to China, which shows a high preference for older and exclusive Cognacs. Consequently, higher prices can be obtained on the Chinese market which are three times higher than in the United States. A larger selection cannot be easily offered, because Cognac must be stored for many years and the consumption exceeds the production. (*source: https://www.marketingtochina.com/cognac-market-higher-ever-china/)

The American and Chinese markets are showing constant growth. However, it turned out that the brand 'Hennessy' reduced their stocks on the market. Though that phenomenon has an age statement. This major Cognac producer keeps a larger share of its production behind in its cellars, like Old liquors does, to bring these stocks to the market later at a higher price. (*source: https://troymedia.com/2018/04/30/cognac-industry-rise-worldwide-market-phenomenon/)

Investor Relations Contact

Old Liquors Investor Relations
Bredestraat 9
4823 ZA, Breda,
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 76 541 6227
Email Investor Relations
Visit Old Liquors Invest Website (Dutch)


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Media Relations Contact

Journalists who want more information about Old Liquors are welcome to contact our press officers in Breda, the Netherlands (CET).

You can contact Bart Laming by telephone at +31765416227 or via e-mail