December Newsletter

Dear Client,

Since the founding in 1895, Old Liquors Mission over multiple generations has been to collect the worlds’ rarest bottles of Cognac, Armagnac, Port, Madeira, Rum and other fine liquors.

In order to serve our U.S. customer base better Old Liquors decided in 2020 to move the entire collection from the Netherlands to South-Florida, where it is held in perfect temperature-controlled  conditions in our European style cellar and showroom.

Currently we are talking to wholesale partners to distribute our liquid treasures to retailers and collectors throughout the United States.

Feel free to already place your pre-orders, you will not be asked to remit payment yet, and it will allow you to have first choice when we start shipping at the end of January.

This first Newsletter is focused on Cognac, which has played a major role in U.S. history. The Marquis de Lafayette brought cognac with him when he crossed the Atlantic to assist George Washington in America’s fight for Independence. Thomas Jefferson witnessed the onset of the French Revolution and developed an appreciation for Cognac. The Louisiana Purchase negotiated with cognac connoisseur Napoleon doubled U.S. territory at the bargain price of $15 million.

Cognac played a role in important strategies and tactics to help the United States, France, and their allies win World War II. Architect of the European union and scion of the famous cognac family, Jean Monnet served as an advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt. The resulting lend-lease program stimulated the U.S. economy and produced critical war material for the British and French fight against Nazi Germany. It has been reported that General (and future president) Dwight Eisenhower sipped Cognac with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, as they planned the D-Day invasion that would liberate France.

All our bottles tell stories and we are the guardians of those stories and of bottles travelling through time from the vineyard often centuries ago to the hands of the collector.

With vast experience we select and source  the rarest bottled treasures at auction and make them available to our customers with an unwavering commitment to provenance, quality, integrity and transparency.

Our first fantastic feature, Hennessy Cognac Silver Jubilee 100-year-old,  comes to us from one of the most trusted sources, Christie’s Kensington auction house in London, where it was hammered off in 1999. Before arriving at auction, it has been in the collection of a discerning collector of many of life’s pleasures including, most importantly cognac! His storage mirroring his demanding standards. This bottle has been stored in ideal surroundings in the Old Liquors Collection ever since. Two equal bottles have come to the collection from Bonham’s of London in 2017 so we are pleased to offer three bottles in total. The bottles are quite rare, only sixty were released in 1977 to commemorate the 25-year reign of Queen Elisabeth over Great Britain.


The second piece is a very rare Hennessy Cognac 1914 “Ladies Vintage” . It's 1914 with the great War in progress and the men fighting at the front, the destiny of the harvest lay in the hands of women, In each village, the women gathered to maintain the vineyards, to harvest and distill the wine of 1914. The harvest of 1914 came to be known as the ‘Ladies Vintage’. According to famous merchant Charles Walter Berry, the 1914 harvest was exceptional, and it has been in the Old Liquors cellars since 1997 after arriving from Christie’s in 1997. The 750-alcoholic proof refers to the old English Sikes standard and is equal to 43% abv.

The Hennessy ‘Nostalgie de Bagnolet’ is a highly sought-after 1980s special edition from Hennessy, featuring a crystal decanter created in honor of Chateau de Bagnolet, formerly the Hennessy family residence and now their VIP guest house. It came to the collection from a trusted private collector.

The next bottle from Rémy Martin is their 250th Anniversary Cognac (1724-1974). It was released in 1974. The blend consists of 80–100-year-old reserve cognac. Its initial release price was 50% above Louis XIII. It comes in a robust wooden presentation case. The piece was obtained at Bonham’s London in 2017.

L'Esprit de Courvoisier is one of the most exclusive and highly sought-after Cognacs ever produced. It was produced to celebrate the turn of the Millennium by Courvoisier's fifth Master Blender, Jean-Marc Olivier. This rare cognac is presented in hand cut, individually numbered Lalique crystal decanters. The bottle was hammered off at Christie’s New York in 2016

The Rémy Martin Centaure Cristal Fine Champagne Cognac is a noble old cognac from the traditional cognac house Rémy Martin, which is a real rarity, released in the 80s and only rarely found on the market. The luxurious cognac with 40% vol. Was released as a limited edition in an elegant crystal carafe from the renowned crystal manufacturer Baccarat. It was purchased at auction house Artcurial in Deauville, France in 2012.

The Cognac Paulet 1914 comes from a house with a long history, with roots dating back to 1848. However, the company was beset by financial difficulties in the mid-1970s, which led to the family having to sell it. This is an extremely high quality ‘Ladies Vintage’ which I have personally tasted. It has rancio and the long chocolate aftertaste one would expect from a Cognac that has aged for at least four decades. Auction house Tajan supplied it in 1999.

New Team Member

Old Liquors Inc welcomes Kevin D'Antonio to the team.

Kevin’s business experience comes from working in a 3-star Michelin rated restaurant and luxury 4 & 5 Diamond award winning hotels. He started his career as captain at The French Laundry, becoming opening General Manager for exclusive restaurants in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, South Beach and Surfside. He trained with Chef Thomas Keller and seven Master Sommeliers. Kevin joins me on the board of directors, plotting the course for our U.S. enterprise.


During this holiday season in these challenging times I leave you to contemplate all that is old; old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines and old liquors.*

(Free after Oliver Goldsmith, The Vicar of Wakefield)



Bart Laming
Old Liquors Inc.