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Welcome to our frequently asked questions section. Here you can find all important information for shopping with us.

The Old Liquors' Story

From modest beginnings in 1895, the Old Liquors Brand stands for the world’s most extensive and exclusive collection of 18th and 19th century Cognac, Armagnac, Madeira, Port, Whisky and other rare collectible spirits. What started out as a passion, developed into a business. Old Liquors procures its stock from major auction houses, amassing thousands of bottles per year in bulk lots. For the first time, Old Liquors is selling parts of its collection online.

Sales & General Enquiries

If you would like to discuss your purchasing interest with Old Liquors directly or have a general query, please contact us on one of the following ways:
on Skype

Phone: 954-607-7386

WhatsApp: Click-to-Chat

Viber: Chat-with-Us

DM: Facebook Messenger of Twitter DM


Office locations

Old Liquors Inc. USA
9300 S Dadeland Blvd Suite 600
Miami, FL 33156
Phone +1 954 607 7386


Old Liquors Trading B.V. Europe
Werftseweg 3 4823ZG Breda
Phone +31 76 5416227


Old Liquors Asia Ltd
Laford Centre, Unit 305-7, 3/F 838 Lai Chi Kok Rd
Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong
Phone +852 8191 1019


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Compliance and Quality

Old Liquors Inc. is incorporated in the state of Florida and is a licensed importer/ wholesaler. Its operations are compliant with the long-established three-tier import/ wholesale, distribution, and retail regulatory system. Trusted retailers will fulfill orders involving the sale and shipment of alcohol.

Provenance, a tale to tell
Like with art, each bottle has a provenance and is painstakingly authenticated both by Old Liquors and the auction house where it was acquired.

Yearlong cool temperatures
Bottles remain in our cellars with a temperature optimized to sit within the 59-68 degree F range all year round.

Uncompromising quality
We ensure that the bottle you acquire from us has been meticulously cared for and still meet our uncompromising standards.

Shipping, the art of packing
We care for our bottles and put a lot of time and effort into carefully packing and preparing them for their journey to meet their new owners.

Receiving a shipment


Our product availability varies by state due to differing state regulations. We do not ship to APOs, FPOs or P.O. boxes. Our delivery partner FedEx will require an adult signature (21 years or older) upon delivery. FedEx will attempt to deliver your order three times before it is returned to us. If a package is returned to us, we will notify you upon receiving the shipment back to our warehouse.

Shipping cost

The shipping charge for online orders is dependent on the weight and the zip code to which it is being delivered. During the checkout process, select your shipping preference and the system will estimate shipping costs.

Example rates for shipping to most States are: (1 bottle) $38, (2 bottles) $45, (3 bottles) $55, (4 bottles) $93, (5 bottles) $110. Including packaging and insurance.

Most deliveries take 3-7 days using Standard Ground Shipping.  

Payment methods and minimum order amount

Payments are

Using Stripe for online payments allows you to pay securely. Stripe accepts all major Credit Cards. Orders will be subject to a minimum order amount equivalent to $300.

Pricing Errors

Although we try to follow market prices very closely pricing errors do happen. If an item has been very heavily discounted and it is clear that an error has occurred, Old Liquors reserves the right not to form a contract at that price. Old Liquors reserves the right to the cancellation of orders with pricing errors even after payment is made. Old Liquors reserves the right to cancel any order up to the point of delivery. The order confirmations acknowledge an order and do not constitute a binding contract.

Sales tax/ Import duties

Sales tax is calculated based on the zip code of the delivery location. In the case that liquor is shipped directly from Europe by our sister company Old Liquors Trading, we complete the customs clearance procedure as soon as it arrives in the US. Your order will not be subject to any further customs charges

Track your order

You may track the status of your orders with the tracking code you will receive by email. Need to change your shipping address? Want to put a delivery on hold, or request a specific delivery time? Use FedEx Delivery Manager, an easy, no-cost option offered by our shipping partner. It’s the most efficient way to manage delivery of your FedEx shipments. Learn how here.

Preventing leakage during transport

Due to the older ages of bottles and seals, the condition of the liquid is at the buyer's discretion and no claim can be lodged against leakage in transit. In case of an older seal or cork, we advise to tape, rewax or recork the bottle before shipment. We will provide this service at no extra cost accompanied by the correct documentation.



Damages & Breakages
If you find that your parcel is damaged upon delivery please report this to the delivery driver immediately and then to Old Liquors. In the event of any other delivery problems, including non-delivery, you must report this to Old Liquors no later than 10 days after the date of shipping.

Returns & Refund Policy
You have the right to cancel within 14 working days starting from the day after receiving the delivery. However, please contact us first if you wish to return an item. The goods must be returned to in the original packaging with the original invoice. On receipt of the return, we will refund the purchase in full. You must arrange and pay for returning the goods including insurance. Old Liquors will not be responsible for loss or damage in transit of the returned goods.
All refunds will be paid within a maximum of 14 days of Old Liquors receiving the goods back from you, but usually, this will be within three working days.

360 Product Views

Our In-house 360 product photography creates full spherical product animations allowing you to spin the bottle, enlarge and zoom-in and inspect all bottle details. 
A professional photographer shoots a total of 72 images using a software operated turntable. The first 36 images are used to make the bottle spin when you first open the product page. The next 36 are served on demand when you enlarge the page or tap the bottle to zoom in.
You can be confident that what you see on your screen and decide to order from us is precisely what you will receive! 

Inspection guidelines.

Old Liquors follows rigorous inspection guidelines on all wines & spirits we display in our webshop ensuring the bottles you purchase are of the highest quality. We mention the provenance on the product page and in the accompanying documentation. We even provide a certificate with the bottle certifying its heritage. 

Excellent provenance is what you should expect from us.

What we look for when buying a bottle?
We find out as much as we can about the history of bottles we are interested in buying. We find out about the storage conditions and find out as much as possible about when and where it was obtained by the seller. A bottles provenance — its source, life cycle, and storage — is of the utmost importance when buying a bottle online. In general, one can say that a bottle should look its age.

The source of the bottle.
Where was the bottle that is on offer obtained? Was it at one of the major auction houses or in a store? Is there documentation available to support this? Is it just an odd bottle the seller is offering or is it from a cellar of a genuine collector who really cares about spirits and wine and stored them in impeccable conditions? How many bottles does a store offer? Are they specialists in vintage bottles?

Correct storage.
There are key indicators that should alert you to problems with older bottles. The most common visible factor indication poor storage is seepage, low levels and raised or sunken corks, indicating exposure to fluctuations in temperature.

Label condition
With bottles that are of a significant age, a certain degree of soiling or damage to labels is to be expected. Damp stains on a label indicate that the bottle comes from a damp cellar, which can destroy a label with mold, but the higher humidity makes bottles less prone to leakage.  Bottle labels yellow or wrinkle naturally over time whilst being stored at optimum temperature and humidity. A faded label, however, is a worry, since it suggests overexposure to light. Thus, as long as provenance is impeccable, soiling of this kind in aged bottles should not detract from value.

Fill level
With a 1789 Cognac, for example, stored for over two centuries in a nice cool cellar, one would expect the liquid to be minimum around the shoulder of the bottle by now, and such a level would indicate a satisfactory standard of storage. A high fill level is a sign of quality storage. 

Cork quality
Spirits are stored in an upright position. This causes the cork, over time to take on a mushroom shape. This in itself is not a problem if also the fill level of the bottle is high enough. 

Older bottles have a lead capsule or wax layer to seal the cork. If the seal is damaged this can be an indication of mistreatment or that the bottle was opened. However, some chipping of wax is to be expected. Non-original waxing should come with a good explanation and/or documentation by the seller. Some corrosion on the capsule is normal. Corrosion on top of the capsule, advanced to the point where there is a hole in the capsule, increases the chance that the cork is bad. Sometimes the capsule is missing or cut to inspect the authenticity of the cork, this is known to happen and acceptable. Sometimes the entire cork is exposed. This is fairly common and does not indicate anything in particular about the liquid condition.

Sunken or raised cork    
A sunken cork by more than 2mm is likely a sign that the cork may be defective or "easing" and increases the chance that the liquid inside is exposed to oxygen.  A raised cork is an indication of faulty storage as the temperature raised to a level that the evaporation of the liquid started to push the cork out.

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Old Liquors Inc. USA
9300 S Dadeland Blvd Suite 600
Miami, Florida 33156

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