Graham W. & J.

Port 1977 Graham W. & J.

Vintage Port, Glass button with Brand and Vintage, Oporto, Bottled in the late 1970's

Port 1977 Graham W. & J. (2771)
Vintage 1977
Alcohol 20 %
Bottled late 1970's
Button Glass shoulder button
Classification Vintage Port
Packaging No casing
Size 75 cl


The early 1800s was a watershed era for the vintners of Portugal’s Douro Valley, On one hand, the grape harvest of 1820, after fermenting and aging for four years, presented connoisseurs with a wine of remarkable sweetness, with “plenty of crust and plenty of color…and a well-stained cork,” according to T.G. Shaw, who recorded his views in Wine, the Vine, and the Cellar (1863), The remarkable vintage established Portuguese wine as a favorite among the British.

Graham W. & J.

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