Port 1970 Offley

Vintage Port, Boa Vista, Bottled 1972

Provenance: Keys, 6/16/2016

$ 399.00

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Some details:

Size 75 cl
Vintage 1970
Alcohol 20.0 %
Bottled 1972
Classification Vintage Port
Fill level Base neck


The early 1800s was a watershed era for the vintners of Portugal’s Douro Valley, On one hand, the grape harvest of 1820, after fermenting and aging for four years, presented connoisseurs with a wine of remarkable sweetness, with “plenty of crust and plenty of color…and a well-stained cork,” according to T.G. Shaw, who recorded his views in Wine, the Vine, and the Cellar (1863), The remarkable vintage established Portuguese wine as a favorite among the British.


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Offley Forrester is one of the oldest Port houses, William Forrester and partners established the house of Offley, Forrester, and Webber in 1737. Under Joseph Forrester, a legendary figure in the history of the Port, Offley built his fame. Joseph Forrester dedicated his life to improving the quality of Port. He was dignified for this in 1855  by Ferdinand II of Portugal with the title Baron of Forrester. The production process of Offley Port was according to the traditional method. The hand-picked grapes are stripped of their stalks and softly crushed before fermentation and softening at a controlled temperature so that they extract the very best from the vines. The addition of wine alcohol at the ideal moment determines the balance between body and bouquet of the port



As traditional as the house Offley used to be, so modern and efficient it is today. This remarkable change has everything to do with the new ownership of this port shipper. Years ago, Offley was taken over by one of the world's largest beverage companies, Bacardi-Martini. For strategic reasons, one wanted a port in the assortment. It complemented well. Bacardi-Martini still has a controlling interest. It will therefore not be surprising that they are aiming for a significant market share. They generated this goal mainly by the widely available Offley Duke of Oporto.