Malaga 1780 Larios

San Martin, no.63

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Malaga 1780 Larios (3138)

Malaga 1780 Larios, San Martin from Andalucia, Spain. This is a vintage white, sweet desesert wine. 1780: The British Gazette and Sunday Monitor, the first Sunday newspaper in Britain, begins publication. The Fourth Anglo-Dutch War (1780–1784) was a conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Dutch Republic. The war, tangentially related to the American Revolutionary War, broke out over British and Dutch disagreements on the legality and conduct of Dutch trade with Britain's enemies in that war. Although Great Britain and the Dutch Republic had been allies since the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the Dutch had become very much the junior partner in the alliance, and had slowly lost their dominance of world trade to the British. In this period Catherine the Great ruled Russia. Catherine was Russia’s most renowned and longest ruling female leader, reigning from 1762 until her death in 1796.

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Some details:

Size 75 cl
Vintage 1780
Alcohol 18.0 %


The wines of Malaga, nurtured by the same blazing sun and Mediterranean mist that make the city’s raisins the best in the world, have been drawing praise for nearly 800 years. In what was perhaps the first wine festival and competition, organized by King Philippe Auguste of France in 1224, the vintage from Spain’s southern coast was designated Cardinal of Wines.


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