Henriques & Henriques

Madeira 1894 Henriques & Henriques Malmsey Solera

Founder's Solera, Extra Choice Malmsey (sweet)

Provenance: Poulain le Fur, 10/22/1999

Madeira 1894 Henriques & Henriques Malmsey Solera (6742)

Madeira wines, like other wines of this type, are liable to throw a deposit especially when submitted to low temperatures. The quality of the wine is in no way affected but it is advisable to allow a bottle to stand 24 hours before being decanted.

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Size 75 cl
Vintage 1894
Vintage text Solera 1894
Alcohol 20.0 %
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Classification Malmsey
Fill level Base neck
Maturation Solera
Packaging No casing


The island of Madeira has been producing and exporting its namesake wine virtually since the Portuguese discovered it in 1419. Since then, Madeira’s location in the middle of important trade routes meant the success of its wines mirrored the worldwide geopolitical situation. The fortified wine’s fortunes have soared during times of peace, prosperity, and free trade and plummeted during conflict and international upheaval.

Henriques & Henriques

The history of Henriques & Henriques, founded by João Gonçalves Henriques goes back to 1850. After his death in 1912, a partnership was created between his sons, Francisco Eduardo and João Joaquim Henriques, hence Henriques & Henriques.

From then on, Henriques & Henriques played an important role in viticulture and wine making on the Island and in 1913, the family interests were established as a firm, and by 1925, the firm concentrated on shipping its own wines instead of supplying them to other shippers. With the death, in 1968, of the last of the Henriques, João Joaquim Henriques, known as “João de Belém”, (who had no heirs) the company was left to his three friends and partners: Alberto Nascimento Jardim, Peter Cossart (who made 53 vintages with the company) and Carlos Nunes Pereira.

Trade Marks: H&H – Belem’s Madeira Wine; H&H – Carmo Vinhos; H&H – Veiga França Vinhos; H&H – Casa dos Vinhos da Madeira; H&H – António Eduardo Henriques Sucs. Lda. and H&H – Silva Vinhos.