Vieira, Dr. Manuel José

Madeira 1890 Vieira, Dr. Manuel José Malvasia


Provenance: Christies London, 3/13/2017

Tasting note: Orange yellow color. Nose still a bit closed, balsamic tones, old honey, pure and quite intense from long canteiro aging. High toned. Soft caramel sweet taste, rich ripe apricots juice, honey, some waxy aromas on the back. Evolving very impressively ending with great intensity and sweetness on the fnal, some bitters and balsamic aromas behind the rich fruit. Great taste, a wine with amazing natural concentration and strength. The lingering acidity balances the intense sweetness. Great wine. February 2016 at Quinta do Avista Navios. EV.

$ 1,699.00

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Some details:

Size 75 cl
Vintage 1890
Alcohol 20.0 %
Classification Malvasia
Fill level High neck
Region Madeira
Seal Original cork


The island of Madeira has been producing and exporting its namesake wine virtually since the Portuguese discovered it in 1419. Since then, Madeira’s location in the middle of important trade routes meant the success of its wines mirrored the worldwide geopolitical situation. The fortified wine’s fortunes have soared during times of peace, prosperity, and free trade and plummeted during conflict and international upheaval.

Vieira, Dr. Manuel José

FAVILA - GONCALVES & C.A LDA & VIEIRA FAMILY This was the company partly owned by Manuel Jose Vieira, the other owner being Mr Goncalves. Mr Favila was the owner of various vineyards who had no heirs and left the vineyards to his lawyer Manuel Jose Vieira with the restriction to continue to use the name of Favila. The son of Manuel added the name Favila to his name, Manuels daughter Ema refused this. She later made wines under her own name. Favilla Goncalves fnished its activities in the early seventies of the 20th century. Ema Vieira Pereira was married to Mr Pereira and their son was Joao Manuel Vieira Pereira. The cousin of Joao, Agostinho Pereira Gouveia, managed the properties while he lived Lisbon. In December 2014 Christie’s NY ofered the old Madeira collection from the Gouveia family at auction there were a relative large number of Vieira wines. Apart from this the Vieira wines are little seen. All wines in this collection came from the old family home of Mrs Ema Vieira Pereira and originally belonged to her. It was special to go into the room where she lived to inspect and pack these old bottles. We were able to taste a number of these old wines and from the undated Sercial to the 1890 Malvasia all were of a high quality.