Peter F Heering

Liqueur Cherry Peter F Heering

Bottled in the 1970's (presumed)

Provenance: Private purchase

Liqueur Cherry Peter F Heering (22715)
$ 269.00

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Some details:

Size 72 cl
Vintage Non-vintage
Alcohol 20.0 %
Bottled 1970
Fill level Into Neck


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Peter F Heering

Peter Frederk Suhm Heering was from the start in 1818 a successful Danish grocer. In the beginning his company was a cellar shop in Copenhagen, from where he started producing his liqueur "Heering’s Cherry Cordial". This was name of P.F. Heering's liquor until 1945 where it changed to “Cherry Heering”, in 1974 is changed again to “Peter Heering Liquer”, today’s name, which was easier to protect in all 144 export countries. In 1838 the company moved to a big house on Christianshavn, located a few kilometres from the centre of Copenhagen. At the same time the company gave up the detail-business, and would from now on only produce liqueur and do engross business in many different kinds of imported wines and spirituous. In 1944 the company bought the cherry plantages near Dalby, where the production continued. Sales and administration stayed on Christianshavn untill 1977, where it also moved to Dalby.