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Liqueur Chartreuse

Chartreuse, Tarragone, du Siecle This is a limited edition of 512 bottles, fruit of the assembly of several vintages of Yellow Chartreuse de Tarragona (1906, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1948, 1951, 1961, 1967, 1973 and 1980). The wine was made by the Carthusian monks in collaboration with Olivier Poussier, World's Best Sommelier 2000. Although we find all the decades of the last century, the proportion of each vintage is not known but significant 37.7 ° Alcohol by volume.

Provenance: Artus, 12/15/2012

  • Liqueur Chartreuse
  • Liqueur Chartreuse
  • Liqueur Chartreuse

Presentation In its wooden case, the wine has a special label declined on the model of the past chartreuse produced in Spain. It is accompanied by a booklet that reviews the history of the latter presents the approach that led to this wine and old liquors used in its composition. Indeed each of the old vintages sees it decorated for Olivier Poussier tasting notes.   Finally, not having had the chance to taste this wine, let us look at the tasting notes of Philippe Bossetti cellars: CHARTREUSE YELLOW "Tarragona CENTURY" ** (July 2009) "Shimmering golden yellow color; rather fresh nose, exotic woody complex advanced fine, honey, fine spices, blond tobacco, sweetness and soft touch."

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Size 70 cl
Vintage Non-vintage
Alcohol 37.7 %
Fill level Base neck
Packaging Original wooden case


Chartreuse is a French liqueur made by the Carthusian Monks since 1737 according to the instructions set out in a manuscript given to them by François Annibal d'Estrées in 1605. It is composed of distilled alcohol aged with 130 herbs, plants and flowers. The liqueur is named after the monks' Grande Chartreuse monastery, located in the Chartreuse Mountains in the general region of Grenoble in France. The liqueur is produced in their distillery in the nearby town of Voiron (Isère). Until the 1980s, there was another distillery at Tarragona in Spain. Chartreuse gives its name to the color chartreuse, which was first used as a term of color in 1884. It is one of the handful of liquors that continue to age and improve in the bottle.

L. Garnier

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Monastery 1605-1737

Old Liquors, L. Garnier, distillery

Shortly after the Prior of the Monastery of the Grande Chartreuse at St Pierre de Chartreuse repatriated the manuscript to the Mother House of the Order, where the recipe will be reworked. The monastery of Vauvert was destroyed during the Revolution, it was located at the current location of the Luxembourg Gardens.

The Headquarters 1737-1860

Old Liquors, L. Garnier, Headquarters

“La Grande Chartreuse” is the Headquarters of the Chartreuse Order. This is where, after years of study, the Elixir Végétal – from the manuscript given by Marshall d’Estrées – is finally produced in 1764. The Elixir is followed by the production of Green Chartreuse in 1840.

Fourvoirie 1860-1935

Old Liquors, L. Garnier, Fourvoirie

In 1929, the monks build a new and larger distillery and were finally able to regain the brand name “Chartreuse”. Their good fortune did not last long ! During the night of November 14, 1935, a landslide destroyed the whole building and part of the stock was lost in the river. The French army was called for help. The oak barrels and large copper stills, which remained in good condition, were taken to a nearby town, Voiron, where the Chartreuse monks owned a small warehouse and an ageing cellar.

Tarragone 1903-1989

Old Liquors, L. Garnier, Tarragona

In 1903, the Chartreuse monks were expelled from France and went to Spain to open a new distillery in Tarragona. Because the French government had “nationalized” the brand name and the distillery and sold them to a group of private investors, if one wanted the “real” Chartreuse and not the imitation, one asked for a “Tarragone”. This distillery operated until 1989. During the 86 years of its existence, the monk distillers worked alternatively there, in Marseille (France), in Fourvoirie (until its destruction) and finally in Voiron.

Voiron 1936-2017

Old Liquors, L. Garnier, cellar

The Voiron distillery was in operation between 1936 and November 2017. The Chartreuse cellar is still located in Voiron and is now the Chartreuse liqueurs tourist center.