Cognac Hennessy Vintage 1860 SKU 474
Cognac Hennessy Vintage 1860 SKU 474


Cognac Hennessy Vintage 1860

Sku : 474

Provenance: Christies Paris

1860 confirmed by letter from Hennessy

In 1864 Hennessy were the first cognac house to registrate their brand name and logo, which had become possible with new legislation in 1856 and 1857. The arm, armed with an axe, is still their emblem today and is used on nearly every bottle. August and Maurice implemented the star-system in 1865 as age-indicators and Maurice started the use of the acronym XO to mean ‘eXtra Old’ in 1870.

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Product Features

Size 700 ml
Alcohol 40.0
Bottled 1930
Fill level High neck
Shape Cognaçaise