Tesseron A.


High-end cognacs

Cognac Tesseron specializes, as this slogan suggests, in high-end cognacs. As their marketing slogan suggests, they only produce “XO and Beyond,” so a range from the XO age onwards. From their ancestral home Domaine Tesseron in Châteauneuf-sur-Charente, which lies between Cognac and Angoulême, the Tesseron family traditionally used to sell its eaux-de-vie to the large cognac houses. 


Four generations

Behind the door of the Tesseron home in Châteauneuf-sur-Charente, you will discover the family treasure: a unique collection of the finest cognacs. This treasure trove dates back to the nineteenth century when Abel Tesseron acquired this property and began his selection of rare and priceless cognacs. A tradition continued by his son and grandson Alfred, who runs the business today and who also owns the prestigious Château Pontet-Canet, a Pauillac Classified Growth in 1855.


Abel Tesseron

Abel Tesseron created his own cognac company in 1905, relying at the time on two separate estates, one situated in the Grande Champagne area (Boneuil) and the other in Petite Champagne (Saint-Surin). He adopted a long-term policy of building up stocks of eaux-de-vie, carefully conserved in a twelfth-century crypt.


The third generation

Today, thanks to a continual and ever-increasing demand, the company is selling more and more of its cognacs under the Tesseron name. The cognacs within the Tesseron range correctly labeled as 'lots,' a term rarely used in Charente. As Alfred Tesseron ( the third generation together with his brother Gerard) explains: "These 'lots' are, in fact, blends taken from our reserve stocks."


The Tesserons

But in 2003 they decided to release a range under their family name. The Tesserons are also active in wine production, owning Château Pontet-Canet – a Pauillac classified property producing Grand Cru Classé Bordeaux wine.


Superb quality

These old and rare treasures, which achieved an excellent reputation amongst a small circle of connoisseurs, have always been sought after by the prominent cognac merchants, assured of the superb quality of the eaux-de-vie they would use to complete their blends.

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