Sociedade dos Vinhos do Alto Corgo


Old Liquors, Sociedade dos Vinhos do Alto Corgo

The General Company of the Alto Douro Vineyard Agriculture, based in Porto, was created in 1877 in order to limit the preponderance of the English in the Alto Douro wine trade and to solve the crisis because that region was then passing. Formed by the "main farmers of Alto Douro and good men of Porto City, the Company was entrusted with the mission of sustaining the culture of the vineyards, preserving their production in its natural purity, for the benefit of farming, commerce, and public health. "



The River Corgo both attenuates temperatures and reflects the sun. This effect, combined with the release of heat from the schist soil, helps temper the extreme cold of winter nights. The topography is rugged and tells the natural history of Man against the elements. Here, deep and steep valleys dominate, forming a variety of microclimates which, when understood, can help create some of the most exciting and sophisticated wines from the Douro. From the schist and gravel soil sprouts flora amongst the crags, illustrating the resilience of life. For those living here, there’s a price to pay for the breath-taking beauty of the Douro; however, there are rewards for those who understand and cherish it.

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