Saint-Vivant de la Salle


Saint-Vivant de la Salle

The legend of Saint-Vivant Armagnac, so the Google tale goes, dates back to 1559 when Saint-Vivant de la Salle, a noble lord who owned vineyards in Gascony, created a new spirit by accident and was delighted with the result. He named it after his region, Armagnac, and it was to become one of the most prestigious brandies in France. 


La Martiniquaise

Presented in exclusive bottles with a slanted neck, decorated with a wax seal and a parchment label, Saint-Vivant Armagnacs are among the leading Armagnac brands. Created from the best soil in Gascony, Saint-Vivant Armagnacs are distilled using ancient traditions and matured to fulfillment in oak casks, where they develop their aromas and achieve their full potential. High-quality products with prestigious origins, Saint-Vivant Armagnacs are produced with a craftsman's care and attention to ensure that each variant is a unique reference. Today Saint-Vivant de la Salle is a subsidiary of  La Martiniquaise.


Aygue de bito

However according to a document of 1411 in the archives of the department Haute Garonne (neighbouring the department Gers), a man called Antoine distilled wine at Toulouse to obtain aygue ardente, also called aygue de bito or eau de vie (water of life), a definition which implies that originally the products were used for medicinal purposes. A further document of 1441 records that “distilled spirit relieves pain, keeps one young and brings with it a joy.”

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