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The distillery of the Moisans is a family company led by the Bru family for three generations. Born near the Charente, Roland Bru has always had a keen interest in the great cognacs. With age, this interest became enthusiastic and then passion. From this passion came his vision and his dream of being able to create one day the best cognacs. 


Cognac Roland Bru

The activity developed rapidly, Roland Bru never gave up his dream of creating his brand of cognac. He made several attempts with several scales – the cognac Roland Roland Bru was even served aboard the commercial airline UTA in the years 1960 – but he was never delighted and was recovering. Roland Bru concluded that to make the best cognacs; he had to be even more patient. So Roland Bru put aside some of his best old spirits to let them grow old even longer. And he waited. His patience and vision of the future end up today with the brand of Cognac Roland Bru, a range of premium cognac, and his spirit that inspires us all.


Quality commitment 

Roland Bru was an amazing man-a living legend. The benefits of our society reflect the values that have inspired one's own life: – Respect for and defence of human rights and individual freedoms – questioning of conventions; Not to be afraid to challenge standards in the search for progress – Respect for the environment – and above all, perhaps, a very deep conviction to carry life out thoroughly. The distillery of the Moisans is a family company led by the Bru family for three generations. Roland Bru never agreed to do things half-way, and his successors share that vision. They are continually looking for progress, for themselves, their products, or their service


Prestigious cognac houses

Roland Bru took the first step to move from idea to reality from 1955, acquiring a small cognac distillery in the hamlet of Moisans, in Sireuil, in the heart of the Cognac region. He developed the activity, making it a supplier of several prestigious cognac houses. Finally, he reinvests, both to modernize the equipment and to acquire land in the most prestigious vineyards of the Cognac region, to have access to the most popular grapes.

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