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Born in 1825 in Jarnac, Auguste Dupuy always held a deep affection for the Cognac region. He used to particularly love exploring by bicycle the Grande Champagne and Fins Bois vines which adorned the hillsides around Jarnac, encircling and embellishing this hub of the Cognac trade.

The Artistry

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As soon as he finished his studies in law and economics Auguste embarked upon a long journey around the world, during which time he became aware of the international prestige attached to the French art of living. He resolved to found a commercial outfit of his own and to make his most cherished dream a reality: he wanted to see his name on a bottle of Cognac, that noble spirit which had so captured his young imagination.

Cristallerie Daum

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Just as Auguste Dupuy pursued his dream of perfection by establishing Maison Dupuy in 1852, the Cristallerie Daum glassworks was founded in 1878 by visionary artist Jean Daum, a man passionate about the artistic potential of glass. Daum has since become the international benchmark for crystal carafes, and it is with great pleasure that Maison Dupuy has joined forces with the experts at Cristallerie Daum to create a Cognac carafe of superior purity and elegance of form. Every step of the glassmaking process is performed by hand, using traditional techniques that demand exceptional skill and creativity.

The Chai Auguste

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The son of Auguste turned out to be quite a character himself; a dandy who loved to host parties at the family’s Château in Jarnac, he took little interest in the business affairs of his father. Auguste thus opted to bequeath the business to his nephew Edmond, to ensure that the Dupuy family name would survive in the Cognac trade. He also advised his nephew to set aside in a special cellar, the Chai Auguste, the Maison’s oldest and most precious Eaux-de-vie. This rare Eaux-de-vie now forms the basis of the prestigious Auguste blend.

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