Richard Hooper

Richard Hooper


This House was founded in 1771 by the wine merchant Richard Hooper in London. Real Companhia Velha bought the company 1951 and bottled it mainly under Real Companhia Velhas alternative trading company, Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhos do Alto Douro. Until 1971 Hooper was run independently, but after that year it became a brand of Real Companhia Velha. During 1972 to 1985, in all probability, it was like wine as Real Companhia Velha, just another label. However, between 1987 and 1991 Hooper was made from Quinta Nova.

Hooper’s Vintage Port 1938

Old Liquors, Richard Hooper, Vintage port

“A fine old vintage port has always been considered one of the true aristocrats of the wine world. Generally bottled after two years in the wood, it completes its slow maturation in the bottle. Perhaps the greatest collection that exists anywhere in Europe can be found in the ancient cellars of Richard Hooper & Sons in Oporto. As long ago as 1912, the firm of Hooper’s was appointed purveyors to the British House of Lords no mean accomplishment in a country which boasts of the most discriminating Port drinkers in the world.

Control and Regulation

Old Liquors, Richard Hooper, Marquis of Pomba

Wine production of Port in the Douro has been controlled and regulated since 1756, making it the oldest defined and protected wine region in the world after Chianti (1716) and Tokai (1730), The controls were introduced by Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo  better know as the Marquis of Pombal to protect the quality of the wine for the English market. The best illustration of the continuing power and influence of the English is by a random selection of names of the leading houses operating in Portugal today, along with the year of their founding: Churchill, 1981; Cockburn Smithes, 1815; Croft, 1678; Dow, 1798; Graham’s 1715, Osborne, 1772; Richard Hooper & Sons, 1771; Sandeman, 1790; Symington, 1670; Taylor Fladgate, 1692; W&J Graham, 1820; Warre, 1670. Excellent English and Irish names all!

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