Pinto dos Santos Junior

Pinto dos Santos Junior


A. Pinto dos Santos was founded in 1872 and later sold to Barros Almeida group, which is part of the Sogevinus group since 2006. According to Manuel Angelo Barros,  director of Barros, the wine Barros used for the A. Pinto dos Santos bottling was for many years the same wine as the wine bottled under the brands of Doro Wine Shippers & Growers Association.

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Douro Wine Shippers & Growers Association, a shipper that mostly private-labeled Port for their European clients, also shipped A. Pinto dos Santos for several Years under Barros ownership. Douro Wine Shippers and Growers belonged to Barros Almeida but did not exist anymore. Barros Almeida used this company mostly to ship private-labeled Port for their European clients, and in many cases used the Buyer’s own brand (BOB). Flagman was the import brand of Egger & Franke, Bremen, Germany, and Maia was a brand used in Italy. Silva Luz is a brand registered in Denmark

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