Philippe de Castaigne


A Disappeared Cognac Legend

The Philippe de Castaigne name dates back to the 16th Century when the Castaigne family moved to the Cognac region. In 1860 Philippe de Castaigne started producing cognac, but in the 20th Century, the brand slowly vanished, until Philippe Vallantin-Dulac in 1980 purchased the brand name, the 17th Century Château (Domaine de Lafont) and it's 45 acres of vineyards. Unfortunately, Vallantin-Dulac went bankrupt in 1994 which was the end of this old brand.


old vintages

Old vintages

In the 14 years of existence some very old vintages and younger blends where bottled and sold as *** (5 years), Réserve Speciale (10 years), Réserve Ancienne (25 years), Extra Vieux (35 years) and the much older Trés Vieux (1893 & 1850). Trés Rare and the extremely rare Trés Belle which contains a 100% Folle Blanche from 1850 which was purchased from Delamain & Roullet, in those days already a famous name.

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