Marcel Trépout


Marcel Trépout

The Armagnacs Marcel Trépout take their origins at the Monastère Notre Dame in Vic Fezensac,  Ténarèze in the Armagnac region, built by the Prémontrés monks and bordering an ancient Roman road, this old monastery welcomed the pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela during the Middle Ages. The Armagnacs Marcel Trépout present excellent references. Their brand is one of the most famous for the quality of their Armagnacs.


Barrel by Barrel

The aging process of the Armagnacs Marcel Trépout is in the purest tradition. The Eau de vies stored in oak barrels of about 400 liters for at least 30 years. This aging allows the Armagnac to express all its aromatic complexity and to assume a deep vibrant color. The Cellarmaster ensures a permanent control of the aging, barrel by barrel. Once they achieve the desired maturity,  the storage continues in a glass demi-john. All this is done for one reason only, to create an Armagnac of very high quality, exclusively belonging to its vintage year.

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