Manoel D. Pocas Junior

Manoel D. Pocas Junior

Old Liquors, Manoel D Pocas Jr

Founded in 1918 by Manoel Poças Junior, it is a family-owned and independent company producing Port an DOC Douro wines. It is one of the few Port wine companies that was born Portuguese and has, since its foundation, belonged to the same family, now in its fourth generation.

Steady Growth

Old Liquors, Pocas label

In 1943 it was established as a single name firm, and it becomes a Limited Liability Society, all partners being members of the Founder's Family, most of them working exclusively for the Company.  1944 they took over the Port House J.P. Gouveia, which had no port stock left The post second world war years are characterized by steady growth.  Poças Jr. started making vintage port in 1960.  Manoel D. Pocas passed away in 1975, and his grandchildren make investments by creating a fully automated bottling line and a leading-edge quality control laboratories.


Old Liquors, Pocas DOC

Today the founder’s grandsons and the 4th generation are engaged in the company. In 1987 Jorge Manuel Pintão, graduated in chemistry and enology of the " l'école d'œnologie de Bordeaux," begins the leadership of the Department of Oenology. In 1990 Poças were one of the first producers, to comply with the DOC regulation, to invest in the production of DOC (Denominação de Origem Controlada) Douro wine. The first wine becomes a success

Four Generations

Old Liquors, Pocas family

The Quinta das Quartas Vineyard, the company’s first, was obtained 1923. Quinta de Santa Bárbara was bought 1980, and Quinta do Vale de Cavalos was purchased in 1998. In 2006 four generations work in the company. Two grandchildren of the founder, Jorge Poças Pintão and Acácio Poças Maia, in the administration. Jorge Manuel Pintão (Enology), Maria Manuel Maia (Viticulture), Pedro Poças Pintão (Sales and marketing) and Paulo Pintão (financial and administrative).

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