Jules Robin

Foundation dates

Old Liquors, Jules Robin, distillerie

The House of Jules Robin goes back to around 1760 when the firm started producing fine cognacs in the Charente. André Jules Robin was born in 1815 and in 1850 founded the renowned cognac house Jules Robin, so the dates 1782 and 1783 are regularly named as the foundation date. Also, 1845 is sometimes found on old Jules Robin labels.


Old Liquors, Jules Robin, poster

Jules Robin made the company big and well-known. By the end of the 19th century, it was the second-largest in size (after Hennessy) and had a very good name. Robin was highly dependent on exports, including to Asia, as a result of which the company suffered heavily during the Second World War. In fact, they never recovered from this setback, which forced Hubert Germain-Robin to sell the company to Martell in 1964. Beautiful posters, such as this one,  beautifully illustrates the ties they had with other countries.


Old Liquors, Jules Robin, poster

The subsidiary Augier, Robin, Briand is established in 2013 with the aim of producing these brands again, so it is possible that Jules Robin will return as a brand.

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