Henri Maire

Henri Maire

Old Liquors, Henri Maire

Henri Maire is the leading producer and breeder of Jura wines and he is the number one in France for home sales. Several generations since 1632 have been necessary to patiently build one of the largest and greatest estates in the area, focused on key appellations such as Château-Chalon, l’Étoile, and Arbois. The Domaine MAIRE & Fils covers nowadays 218 hectares of vines producing all the area grapes varieties.

Tasting notes

Old Liquors, Henri Maire grapes

A subtle wine. Its highly developed, the enchanting nose gives off walnut, wild mushroom, and spicy aromas. Its complex, the elegant structure is very present in the mouth. A remarkable range of aromas then open up on the palate: well-developed walnut, dried fruit, curry, saffron, and roasted hints. The finish is long and very persistent. 

Cellaring time

Old Liquors, Henri Maire, barrels

This remarkable wine is ready to drink as soon as it is bottled, but can also be kept in a cellar for several generations. Opened bottles keep for several weeks.


Old Liquors, Henri Maire, Vineyards

It is the composition of the soil that is necessary to produce Château-Chalon. The particular character of the wine is in part due to the blue and grey marl from the Liassic, augmented by the limestone outcrops that form the higher cliffs. This, in turn, helps the warming of the microclimate, and that enables the grapes to ripen fully. The altitude of this particular band of marl varies between 250 and 400 meters above sea level. The orientation of the slopes gives the best exposure (south to the south-west) and the optimum protection to the vines.

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