21 generations of the Frapin

Old Liquors, Fontpinot Cote of arms

In 1494 Anne Catherine Frapin wife of Antoine Rabelais gives birth to François Rabelais. His nephew Jehan is made “Maitre Queux-Sommelier” by King Francois I in 1534. This role gives him full dominion over the kitchens and the key to the king’s cellar. In 1697 King Louis XIV awards a coat of arms to his apothecary, Pierre Frapin. The Frapin family coat of arms is born, made up of the fleur-de-lys, symbolizing the king, and two trees, lepidodendrons, a symbol of apothecaries.

Art Nouveau movement


In 1885 the cognac house receives their first award, Cognac Frapin wins a ‘First Order of Merit’ award at the International Exposition of New Orleans. Gustave Eiffel himself awards a gold medal to Pierre Frapin. Gustave Eiffel and his team construct the iron framework of the Chai de Segonzac at the Frapin Estate. This is the only example of Eiffel’s work in the region.

More awards

Old Liquors,  Frapin, award

Cognac Frapin wins a gold medal in 1900 at the Exhibition Paris. 1904 to 1927 Diplomas Cognac Frapin is awarded “Grand Prix’ at Universal and International Exhibitions in St Louis (1904), Milan (1906), Brussels (1910) and Madrid (1927), 2008 "Best Spirit in the World" Multimillesime #1 is voted “Best Spirit in the World” at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC). A first for a cognac! 2012 Cognac Frapin is awarded the mark “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (EPV). The EPV mark is a recognition of excellence and is awarded by the French State to companies with a long heritage who continue a tradition and uphold rare, renowned or ancestral skills. To date, only three cognac companies have received the EPV mark.

Present day

Old Liquors,  Jean-Pierre Cointreau

Geneviéve, the wife of the liqueur producer  Max Cointreau, is the second daughter of Renaud, the former owner of Rémy Martin (her eldest sister, Anne-Marie, brought in her marriage with Hériard-Dubreuil 51% of Rémy Martin). From her mother, Geneviéve inherited the cognac house Frapin. In 1986, the ' Heritiers Renaud-Cointreau ' bought another cognac house, Chateau Paulet. Today Jean-Pierre Cointreau, grandson of Marie Frapin, is CEO of Cognac Frapin.

The Fontpinot Castle

Old Liquors, the Fontpinot Castle

The Grande Champagne region, Premier Grand Cru du Cognac was where the family chose to settle. Frapin can trace its rich and storied history in this region to 1270, and it is still owned by a direct descendant of the original founder today. Henri Frapin adds three towers to the Chateau Fontpinot, finally completing the Chateau as we know it today.


Old Liquors,  Frapin, winegrowers

Initially establishing themselves as a family of winegrowers near the village of Segonzac in 1270. They then became distillers and have continued in this tradition for 20 generations.


Old Liquors, Frapin Rewarding

Pierre Frapin is rewarded in 1898 by the Agricultural Committee of Cognac, with honour for “Reconstituted vineyards: great culture”.

“Excellence Francaise”

Old Liquors, Frapin, award 2013

2013 "Excellence Française" Cognac Frapin is given the “Excellence Francaise” label. Set up in 2009, each year Excellence Francaise selects the most dynamic companies and institutions in France. The award recognizes the talent, creativity, and innovation of the people from these companies in promoting (the influence of) France around the world. Frapin Cognac Vintage 1991 wins the title of “Best Cognac of the Year” at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) in London.

“Multimillesime no 6”

Old Liquors, Frapin, award 2016

The Frapin Cognac “Multimillesime no 6” is voted “Best Cognac in the World” by the World Cognac Awards.

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