Domaine Le Durré


Domaine le Durré

Domaine le Durré (a Saint Gein (Gers) is a 50-year-old bottle of Armagnac, perfect to celebrate your (or someone else's) birthday. Or to drink a great bottle! Unlike cognac, the Armagnac is distilled only once and then stored in the typical black oak barrels for 3-20 years. Here also develops its dark, amber glow, as well as the characteristic aroma of baking plums, vanilla, licorice and much more. As a rule, it has a stronger flavor than the cognac and therefore described as very noble and supple.


Specific Grapes

Armagnac may only come from the regions Bas-Armagnac, Haut-Armagnac, and Teneraze. They are also, as with Cognac again, exclusively white grapes. The distillation of Armagnac should be between October to the end of March. Storage and delivery are carried out in limousine barrels. Plum, Violet or hazelnut aroma determine the taste. The Vintage plays a considerable role in the Armagnac.



The annual figures are entirely reliable, while the law also provides for mixtures, it dictates that it showed on the label. The use of nine specific grape varieties are eligible for the production of Armagnac, but they mostly only use four types for this purpose: Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Bacco.

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