Domaine de l'Ovalie


Domaine de l’Ovalie

As stated on the label this Armagnac comes from Villeneuve de Marsan (Les Landes). Armagnac is not only produced in the Gers, what many people may think, but also in Les Landes. The best part of the Bas Armagnac, so they say, goes from Villeneuve de Marsan in the Landes to Eauze in the Gers. Armagnac may only come from the regions Bas-Armagnac, Haut-Armagnac, and Teneraze. They are also, as with Cognac, exclusively white grapes. 


Value for Money

The distillation of Armagnac should be between October to the end of March. Storage and delivery are carried out in limousine barrels. Plum, Violet or hazelnut aroma determine the taste. 

The year 1974 can be described as a variety of production, a great maturity with sweet perfumes from the vine and the wood, these vintages at the 60s are often excellent quality and value for money. You can link an Armagnac vintage with life’s anniversary dates. It is a market for wines that are different from that for the connoisseurs that come for the pleasure of looking to discover a rare product. 



A birthday, a wedding anniversary or other event that is celebrated 20, 50 years later with the vintage of that year.  A way to turn back the clock with an Armagnac vintage to rekindle memories of a path taken and maturity gained along the way.

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