Clos de Griffier

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Clos de Griffier

Griffier is located in the commune of Gript near Niort in the department of Deux Sevres in France. Its vineyards (Clos) have been reported to have been very extensive and remarkable. Since the 18th century, La métairie (farmhouse) de Griffier, Logis de Griffier but also the Chateau du Griffier are mentioned. Griffier is visible on Napoleonic maps. It is said that its vineyards produced wine until the phylloxera struck.


Café Anglais

Café Anglais

The restaurant café Anglais opened in 1802 and was named to honor of the Treaty of Amiens, a peace accord signed between Britain and France. In the beginning, its clientele were coachmen and domestic servants but later became frequented visited by actors and patrons of the nearby Opera House.

fashionable restaurant

Fashionable restaurant

In 1822, the new proprietor, Paul Chevreuil, turned it into a fashionable restaurant with a reputation for roasted and grilled meats. It was after the arrival of chef Adolphe Dugléré that the Café Anglais achieved its highest gastronomic fame, frequently visited by the wealthy and the aristocracy of Paris. 


Exposition Universelle

He composed the menu called the "Three Emperors Dinner" in honor of Tsar Alexander II, Kaiser Wilhelm I and Otto von Bismarck for the Exposition Universelle in 1867 in Paris.

A famous cognac from the Cafe Anglais wine cellar is the 1788 Cafe Anglais Grande Fine Champagne Clos de Griffier.

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