Château Peyrouet


Château Peyrouet

We are introducing an exceptional and particularly exquisite vintage Armagnac from 1870. An edition from the Bas-Armagnac, In Gascogne, there were hundreds of producers, many known, legion small, numerous reputable, quite a few regional and national. Many suppliers sell their products abroad under a different name than in France.


The Exclusive Gift

So there are still some famous Armagnac houses that still lead and distribute a wide variety of different Vintage Armagnacs, but the number of rarities is getting smaller and prices, also due to the sheer demand, more and more excessive. Perhaps one of the most famous brands in the Armagnac sector is undoubtedly the companies of Samalens, Sempé, Janneau Fils et Cie, Domaine de Gachot and also Marquis de Montesquiou, which constitute a hugely high market share. 



Among the oldest Armagnac houses are the brands such as Gelas, Baron de Sigognac, Goudoulin Veuve J., Chateau de Laubade, Laberdolive, Dartigalongue, Ferté G&H, Mader, Dupeyron, Montber, de Castelfort, Baron de Lustrac, Baron Gaston Legrand, and many more. Sensational Vintage Armagnac from 1870. The exclusive gift idea for the special occasion.



Countless traders bought barrels from prominent producers in France and sold them under their names elsewhere. So even now we still find rare Armagnac rarities, which we could hardly find any information or records today. But we would not be able to claim that this would be due to the lack of awareness of the lower quality if necessary. 

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