Château du Bourdieu

Luc Schweitzer

Old Liquors, Château Bourdieu, Luc Schweitzer

The estate Domaine de Bourdieu is one of the oldest wine estates in the Blaye region, where the first cultures of vines appeared in Roman times, 50 years BC. Built-in 1464. Luc Schweitzer, son, and heir of 5 generations of wine growers maintain these skills to taste wines matured in the respect, love, and passion of these traditions.

Wine description

Old Liquors, Château Bourdieu, Vineyards

The wine is matured in oak casks, brand new and first hand. It gives them their beautiful ruby color and delicately wooded aromas tinned with vanilla. This complex aromatic substance forms a bouquet, which is both subtle and slightly smoky. This wine is the perfect match for foie gras, game, lamprey, and red meat.

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