Château de Puybautier


Old Liquors, Château de Puybautier

This Cognac is part of the privately-owned distillers “Paradis” (Paradise) Petit-Gontier at Rancogne, near Villeneuve-de-Mons in the Fins Bois. The paradise is a special section of the cellar where the distillers or Cognac houses store their oldest and most precious eau de vie. In a paradise, as the one at the Château Puybautier, there are rows of dusty barrels containing ancient eau de vie of 40, 50 or even 70 years old, which are slowly maturing. The oldest eau de vie is stored in the demijohns, large glass flagons in wicker baskets, the eau de vie inside the demijohns are sometimes over a century old. Unlike our heavenly paradise where we go when we pass away, le Paradis is where the Cognac goes waiting to be born.

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