Baron Gaston LeGrand


Baron Gaston Legrand

The Armagnac region is situated 100 km south of the city of Bordeaux and is divided into three sub-districts: Bas-Armagnac, Ténarèze, and Haut-Armagnac. The Bas-Armagnac is close to the Pyrenees at the Spanish border. This unique location offers plenty of sunlight, a temperate climate, and excellent light humidity. The sandy grounds of the Bas-Armagnac make the region ideal for growing grape varieties suitable for the distillate.


Maison lHéraud

The commonly used grape for the Armagnac is the Ugni Blanc, but for the Baron Gaston Legrand Armagnac of Maison lHéraud, they also used Folle Blanche which contributes to the elegance and the fruity flavor. Also, the grape Baco Blanc is used for the distillate, which makes for the plum accents that are so typical for Armagnac.


Wooden barrels

Contrary to the double distillation of Cognac, the distillation of Armagnac is only once. The distillation process is traditionally held in November and December and ends in February. Then the Armagnac of Lhéraud matures in wooden barrels of Limousin and Monlezun Oak. They make the Baron Gaston Legrand Armagnac of the grapes from one harvest year.

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