André Petit & Fils

Andre Petit & Fils

Andre Petit & Fils

This small family-run cognac producer from Berneuil insists that their cognac is not merely of standard quality. The validation of this statement can occur by the fact that the Petit family works with traditional methods handed down from their grandparents and harvest the grapes manually. This part of the cognac-making process is almost extinct in the cognac industry due to growing demand and the production of high quantities.

trust in their olfactory sense

Trust in their olfactory sense

Their cognacs developed itself according to traditional methods. The family harvests their grapes by hand, and they continue to distill following the teachings of their grandparents. In the distillation, they do not use any machines to separate alcohol. The family trusts their olfactory sense. They claim to be winegrowers who develop a Cognac with a pronounced style following our feelings and tastes. Their Cognac is not a standard quality Cognac.



André Petit came to some fame in the industry by stopping their contract with Hennessy in the 1960s and deciding to produce themselves. Like many small producers from the Cognac region, they also specialize in the making of Pineau des Charentes. 

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