Off course we do not expect any transport damage on the bottles but in case this does happen we herewith inform you about a number of important steps you should take within 15 minutes after receiving your package:

1. If your package arrives visibly damaged, please do NOT accept the delivery and make clear pictures of the damage. After that please file a complaint with your parcel service  Without an official declaration of damage we can and will not accept any claim.

2. If you notice damage to the package after you have signed for it,  please make clear pictures of ALL the damage on:

  • The outside of the package
  • The inside of the package
  • The wrapping material

        Please do make these pictures in exactly  the same order as we did during the packing.

3. You have to unpack the package/delivery immediately: within 15 minutes after you have signed for receiving the package.

4. Please confirm us the receipt of your package within 15 minutes after you have signed for the package.

5. Any damage claimed after these 15 minutes, will not be accepted by us and is to your own responsibility and risk.

6. If we do not receive your complaint information within these mentioned 15 minutes as from the time of delivery, we consider the delivery as received in good order.