Delamain collection

This Delamain collection holds vintages between 1840 and 1973.

Delamain is French from origin, but the family emigrated and was Irish from approximately 1625 untill 1759. In 1759 James Delamain (also called Jacques) returned to France and marries Marie Ranson. Together with his father in law, Isaac Ranson, he establishes Ranson & Delamain. In 1824 grandson Anne Philippe Delamain forms a partnership with Paul Roullet (who was married to Anne Philippes aunt) and they establish Roullet & Delamain. In 1920 Jacques en Robert Delamain buy off the Roullet's and name themselves Delamain. In 1994 Bollinger acquires a one-third share in Delamain, Delamain remains two-third family-owned. The historical roots of the House of Delamain are still runned to this day by the direct descendants of the founder. The House of Delamain has remained faithful to its tradition of craftsmanship. All the preparatory operations are carried out by hand.
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Brand: Delamain
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